A Multiplatform Level Editor

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Trino is a multiplatform level editing tool based on the QuArK project, targeting Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows for initial release. This site is intended to provide basic project information, news, and development information.


12 Apr 2004
Things have picked up a little. The configuration windows are mostly up and running. Since the plugins are already populated from the python script, functionality is popping in as each component nears completion. I'm looking at a 0.1 drop when I have a simple end-to-end test where I can create a map, populate it with a simple primitive, and save it. The editing windows are next on my list.

9 Mar 2004
Hadn't much time to dedicate to Trino over the past month and a half, but have picked things up again. I've started the UI implementation, and so far things are going okay. The Games menu is populated properly by the Plug-Ins activated in Python, so we're starting to see component interaction more or less working. Which is encouraging. Next, I'm probably going to work on the dynamic configuration windows.

14 Jan 2004
Posted this quick and dirty project page to provide basic project info.

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