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The Trino Project is a cross-platform re-implementation of the level editing application QuArK. I started this project because I spend most of my time working on the Macintosh (Mac OS X) or Linux platform. QuArK is only available on the Windows platforms, as it is implemented primarily in Delphi. Although a version of Delphi has been made available for Linux (released under the moniker Kylix), there is still a significant reliance on the Win32-specific APIs to compile under Linux. To boot, I'm primarily interested in working on Mac OS X with the Torque Engine, so the Kylix issue is moot.

However, the majority of the application is written in a cross-platform language called Python. A massive amount of time can thus be saved by porting only the infrastructure that is written in Delphi, and leave the Python plugin modules as untouched as possible. (There are a few spots of Python that are still Windows specific, and will have to be rewritten anyway...)

In choosing an implementation language for Trino, Java was an obvious choice. The Jython project has provided an excellent Java based Python interpreter and compiler. And, Java provides a viable cross-platform environment that is supported on Mac OS X, as well as Windows and Linux.

Finally, Trino is a derivation of the QuArK project, and includes the Python sources from the QuArK project. Since QuArK is offered under the GPL license, and since Trino is technically a derivative work, Trino is offered under the GPL License as well.

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