A Multiplatform Level Editor

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This page contains information on the development of the Trino project.

Current Status

The project is in the beginning stages of development. Currently, Trino is able to bootstrap and start executing the startup Python code. Objects that are serialized in .qrk files are actually being populated, but the infrastructure port is not yet near being complete. Once we are able to fully bootstrap, attention will shift to porting the forms/UI functionality.

Source Availability

The source code for Trino currently resides in the SourceForge CVS repository. Details on how to access the repository can be found on the Trino Project Page:

Tools / Build Info

I am currently using the Eclipse IDE ( to work on Trino. The source tree structure is consequently organized to by Eclipse project and contains the project metafiles.

Required Libraries

The following third-party libraries are used by Trino:

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